Steam Weeklong Deals Begin

It’s Monday, which beyond a chronic case of the Mondays office-wide, also means you can get home and check out some Steam deals. The AI War games are all 75% off, taking the whole bundle of six games down to $4, or you can get each game for around a buck or two. The best value is definitely the bundle here since the cost of just a couple of them without the bundle is nearly equal to the bundle’s cost. Age of Conan: Unchained’s Crush Your Enemies pack is $12.50, while Tank Universal can be yours for only 50 cents. Jack Keane is a mere $2.50, while MX vs ATV Reflex is $5 down from $20. Rescue – Everyday Heroes is $13, down from $20, but at only a 33% discount, there’s no need to buy it now if you haven’t already.

The Meridian 4 Adventure Pack is $10, and gets you about $80 bucks worth of stuff at that price – so snatch that up if you’re on an adventure game kick. The Ankh Pack gets you Ankh 2 and 3 for $3.75, and 10,00,00 is only $1 down from $5. It’s an RPG action-puzzler, and at that price, seems worth taking a chance on. Sword of the Stars: The Pit – Gold Edition has many words in its title, and offers up a meager 25% savings taking it to $10 from $13, so it can be skipped for now. Eleusis is $3.75 down from $15, while MirrorMoon EP is $6 and the fairly new Mutant Mudds Deluxe is $5 down from $10. MirrorMoon EP is highly recommended if you’re into space exploration, or just want a relaxing and serene gaming experience.