Ubisoft Leaves ‘Watch Dogs’ Trademark; Possible Name Change

It has been discovered today that Ubisoft has filed an abandonment of the trademark for ‘Watch Dogs’ to the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The name of this trademark and Ubisoft’s abandonment of the title could point to a myriad of reasons as to why they are taking this action, but one of these reasons seems to be the most logical.

Far too long, Ubisoft has become accustomed to showcasing the action packed, computer systems hacking thriller under the name “Watch_Dogs.” Notice the underscore? Ubisoft possibly could have had the “Watch Dogs” trademark all this time, but realized that this title would cause confusion or that they simply don’t want to trademark the phrase usually associated with a person or a group who protects against illegal practices despite how much this characteristic vividly flows through the main protagonist and vigilante, Aiden Pearce.

“Ubisoft currently has in the US six trademarks for Watch Dogs, some for game software and some for other things such as sweatpants and hosiery,” wrote NeoGAF member Rösti.

“For whatever reason, they have filed an express abandonment for the primary application, serial number 85642398, which has the following good and services.”

Whatever the case may be, the only thing that can be assumed at this moment is that there is simply a name change taking place or they simply didn’t need this certain trademark for whatever reason. Ubisoft wouldn’t shove so much production money into one spectacular IP, only to throw it away months later.