Xbox One Helps Millions Lose Weight With Zumba

According to Majesco Entertainment, over 10 million copies of Zumba Fitness have been sold worldwide, and over 25 million calories have been burned — that’s over 7000 pounds, or 35 baby elephants. While those unfamiliar with Zumba will likely find its various aerobic dance moves intimidating, the proof of their effectiveness is in the pudding… flavored numbers.

However, here at Hardcore Gamer we’re the skeptical type. We decided to conduct some research of our own, and find out just how much weight one can lose utilizing the Zumba Fitness game versus other activities we actively enjoy. Don’t worry, there aren’t any complicated charts or graphs here.

Our results:

1) One hour of intense Zumba burns approximately 690 calories. Sex will provide about a third of that number within the same time-frame, while playing the average console video game can help shed around 50 calories every half hour. Naturally, sexual food play fetishists should expect vastly different results. Conclusion: An hour of intense Zumba every morning will result in one pound lost every 5 days. On the other hand, an hours worth of sex each day will take about two and a half weeks for similar results. Console gaming puts you at over a month.

2) One hour of light dancing burns approximately 460 calories. Kissing eliminates around 70 calories per hour, while a full night of sleep can rid you of 300-400 depending on your weight and height. It’s important to note that a longer night of sleep will also have an effect on weight loss during hours in which you’re awake and active. Conclusion: An hour of light Zumba every morning will result in one pound lost every 8 days. On the other hand, an hour of smooching every day will run you a whopping 50 days for a similar outcome. Sleeping the calories off will take around 8-10 days.

While results will vary from person to person, and are determined by weight, height and multiple other factors, it’s clear that Zumba Fitness works. Those interested in directing their own experiments can pick up a copy for the Xbox One, Xbox 360, Wii U and Wii. Don’t forget to exercise in moderation, and use the Zumba calorie counter to best formulate your desired routines.