Lose Your Religion With The New R.E.M. DLC For Rocksmith 2014

R.E.M. fans rejoice, the newest DLC pack for Rocksmith 2014 contains 5 songs to learn, play and enjoy. As with previous Rocksmith DLC, each song can be purchased separately for $2.99, or in a package deal for $11.99. The songs can be played on any electric guitar or bass, and each song also includes an authentic tone.

  • What’s the Frequency, Kenneth
  • Überlin
  • Everybody Hurts
  • The One I Love
  • Shiny, Happy People

The songs are available for download from the Xbox Live marketplace, PlayStation store and Steam. For more Rocksmith 2014 information, you can visit the main site. Check back frequently for updates, previews and DLC release information.