PS Store Update Goes Live

This week’s PS Store update is a huge one. Beyond the release of Dustforce on both the Vita and PS3, it’s also a big free instant game collection day. Metro: Last Light is a freebie on the PS3, while PS4 owners get Outlast on day one. New PS3 releases outside of Dustforce include Adam’s Venture Chronicles for $12, Castlestorm Complete Edition for $15, and Truck Racer for $40.  Furmins and Starforce Extreme get bundled up for only $9. Vita owners have Dustforce to look forward to, as well as King Oddball and Surge Deluxe. Trapt joins the PS2 classics lineups, while Gex: Enter the Gecko hits the PSOne Classic area for $6. Ace Combat Infinity’s beta launches today, and Dustfroce, King Oddball, and Ethal: Meteor Hunter get free demos.

Sale prices take Aquapazza down to $20, AC: Brotherhood Ultimate Edition for $14, Revelations’s Ultimate Edition for $25, Far Cry 2 Ultimate for $10, and Far Cry 3 Ultimate Edition for $18. RPG fans can check out Persona 2 and 3 for $5 each, Persona, Persona 2, and Persona 3 Portable are only $10 each while P4 Golden is $20 and Persona 4 Arena is $15 for its base game or $22.50 for the Ultimate Edition.  Prince of Persia Ultimate Edition is $10, while Scott Pilgrim vs. the World is $7.50 for its Ultimate Edition.