Capcom Confirms Strider Release Date; Game Modes Added

Whether you have played the underrated sequel of the game on the first PlayStation or played as the character in the many iterations of the Marvel vs. Capcom series, fans of hyper-fast ninja Strider Hiryu will be delighted to know that Capcom has officially announced a February 19 release date for Strider, set to release on Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PC.


Set with a sweet price tag of $14.99, Capcom will also be releasing Strider with a few more modes to heighten the level of gameplay. The first of the two modes announced is “Beacon Run,” a time attack mode that challenges players to reach various checkpoints. Enemies will be getting in the way, and players must strategically make quick work of them during these trial runs.

The new Strider also comes with a Survival Mode. Players will aim for the highest ranking as they slash and cut their way through hordes of enemies.


This Strider update will also allow players to color customize Hiryu as they traverse through the main campaign mode and collect mementos of fallen Striders. And of course, a leaderboard system will be added into the mix as well.

The release date is drawing close, and with the initial price as low as it is, this game looks to be one that Strider fans, new and old, can’t pass up.

Check out the livestream gameplay that Capcom-Unity released last month.