Pokémon Bank Has Arrived in the Americas at Last

What a surprise! While the official Pokémon accounts or website have not announced the news, Pokémon Bank is now available in North America. If you fire up your 3DS and go to the eShop, you’ll see scrolling text telling you to download the application. Only a couple of days since the European/Australian release, those in the Americas can finally rejoice. We can now transfer any Pokémon from the Black and White games to X and Y. This will make online battles so much more challenging but at least you’ll be able to catch them all. There are many trainers who have found ways and have been lucky enough to already complete their Pokédex. Doing so gains you the Shiny Charm making it easier to encounter those rare, colorful Pokémon.

Since it took so long for us to get transfer app, we’ve been given an extension on the free trial. You have until March 14 to claim a the 30 day trial. Get everything ready now so there’s no need to rush last minute. And you still get until the end of September to claim Celebi (as long as you use Pokémon Bank). Get to it trainers, if you haven’t already!