Bible Game Call of Abraham Is Possibly A Crowd-Funding Scam

Call of Abraham, a third-person adventure game in which you travel across the middle-east as part of Abraham’s caravan, launched a Kickstarter campaign last month. After failing to amount a quarter of its $100,000 goal, the campaign was nixed. Rather than pray for some sort of miracle, the bible game team decided to relaunch the campaign on Indiegogo — a crowd-funding website that allows projects to keep the funds despite any failure to reach a goal in its entirety.

While it’s difficult to determine whether the project is some sort of sham, here’s the information we can confirm.

  • The Sketchy: The relaunched campaign of Call of Abraham is only requesting $50,000, half of its original goal. However, no features seem to be missing from the description. Somehow game development became significantly cheaper once the initial project failed to gain traction.
  • The Sketchier: Shortly after going live, multiple anonymous supporters jumped on the project. While it’s not uncommon for a game to gain donors quickly, it’s strange that only one such donor had an account on IndieGoGo.
  • The Sketchiest: The only supporter with an account deleted it following the transaction.

As it stands, the game doesn’t look like a winner regardless of its financial woes. Poor animations, ugly environments and an overall awful presentation are but a handful of its issues. Only time will tell if we’ll have to make like the Maccabees and revolt. For now, the campaign is 28 days from completion and sitting at a comfortable $300.