Double Dragon Neon Now Available on Steam

If you grew up in the totally rad early ’90s, you probably played a bit of Double Dragon in these things called arcades. They’re where you could play a game for a quarter, and then pay many more quarters to actually beat the game because they were designed to hook you in and kill you as many times as possible. While that series never really got its just due on consoles, the DD Neon game from 2012 finally give it the rock-solid console game it deserved for decades…for the most part. It lacked online play, and while that couldn’t be amended on consoles, it was fixed up for the Steam version. For $10, you get one of the funniest beat-em-ups in years with an excellent (and hilarious) soundtrack. If you missed out on the game before, you’ve got to check it out now. Unfortunately, there’s no week one discount, but at only $10, it’s not going to break the bank to take a chance on it.