The Order: 1886 Will Run At 30 FPS, 1080p

In a discussion with Play3, Ru Weerasuriay, co-founder of Ready at Dawn, confirmed that The Order: 1886 — the much anticipated PlayStation 4 exclusive — will be “presented in full HD 1080p.” Weerasuriay also explained that the company’s decision to restrict themselves to a “fluid 30 frames per second” was in favor of “the highest resolution” and some “spectacular effects.”

Weerasuriay also made it clear that while aiming for 60 FPS is important for first-person shooters, the cinematic experience was the focus of development. It was recently confirmed that Infamous: Second Son would be running at a smooth 30 FPS, as well, possibly setting a new standard for third-person outings on current consoles.

For more information, including gameplay footage, check back soon as The Order: 1886 press preview embargo lifts on February 18, 2014.