inFamous: Second Son Pre-Order Includes Condoms and Energy Drinks in Italy

There have been a lot of crazy pre-order incentives over the years. For example, the Call of Duty Tactical Cam. Now, I’m not saying that this happened to me, but a friend of some guy I know used his to spy on this one person while they were showering, and it ended up in a series of tearful confessions and community service. GameStop managed to top that creepiness with an Italy exclusive “package” deal for inFamous: Second Son, however.

The pre-order package includes energy drinks — likely to power up pre-session — and a box of condoms. Presumably, these condoms are included so that you can go get f***** if you don’t enjoy the game. Alternatively, it could be because Italian people have very tiring sex while playing video games, which would explain the energy drinks as well. There’s also the possibility that this is an elaborate “Second Son” pun in the making, or a heart-breaking “gamers never get laid” joke.

Whatever the case may be, these condoms glow in the dark and I want them. Especially if they feature any sort of artwork from the game, because that would be really fun to explain.┬áHonestly, I don’t get it. It is, however, the best pre-order bonus for inFamous: Second Son.