Mercenary Kings Coming to PS4 ‘Very Soon’

Early Access can sometimes make the release of a game confusing, like┬áMercenary Kings for instance, which still isn’t officially out yet even though it became playable on Steam last July. Alongside games like Outlast, it was also one of the games Sony chose to feature at their E3 2013 press conference showcasing the PS4’s friendliness to indies. Since then, however, not much as been heard about the console version of the game until today when developers Tribute Games took to Twitter to give us an update. In response to the question “when can I expect to play Mercenary Kings on my PS4?”, Tribute stated “Very soon! The game is content-complete and in Sony’s hands! The release date depends on them.”

So after months of waiting, it looks like we can expect an announcement from Sony in the near future.