MXGP: The Official Motocross Videogame Gameplay Video

There’s mud, there’s speed,  and there’s probably beer, too, but you’ll be driving. MXGP will be bringing the full roster of riders, teams and bikes from the official MXGP calender, and players will be able to simulate the lifestyle of an MXGP racer with the redesigned career mode. Here’s hoping realistic bone fractures and routine hospital visits make an appearance.

The gameplay video, which features Evgeny Bobryshev at Valkenswaard, showcases the track soil deformation and first-person view. When selected, track soil deformation will result in changing track conditions as terrain shifts from race to race, while first-person view will put you in the tracksuit of your favorite racer as you tear through the dirt.

MXGP will be available March 28 on the PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, Xbox 360 and PC.