Sledgehammer Games Is Developing Call of Duty 2014

Activision dropped a pretty large bombshell during their investor earnings.  Sledgehammer Games will be developing the 2014 Call of Duty title.  This means Treyarch won’t be releasing their Call of Duty game until 2015.  However, there is a lot more news in this announcement.

Sledgehammer Games has been added to the cycling roster of Call of Duty developers.  This means that Infinity Ward, Treyarch and now Sledgehammer Games will get three year development cycles rather than the two year development cycle Infinity Ward and Treyarch followed in the past couple of years.

“For the first time, this years Call of Duty game, and future Call of Duty games, are being built on a three year development cycle,” Activision revealed in their report. ‘There are several advantages to doing this, the first is, of course, quality. This will give our designers more time to envision and to innovate.”

It is currently unknown what Call of Duty project Sledgehammer Games is working on.  Rumors have suggested that they will be continuing the Modern Warfare franchise after Infinity Ward left it to develop Call of Duty: Ghosts.  We’ll get a reveal in the next few months.