Far Cry Classic To Release As Standalone Title In North America

Ubisoft has confirmed that the title that kicked off the Far Cry franchise will be launching in North America. It will be available for download as a standalone title on PSN and Xbox Live for $14.99 with enhanced graphics, cutscenes and a redesigned user interface with consoles in mind.

Far Cry Classic was originally announced as part of the Far Cry: The Wild Expedition (Europe) and The Far Cry Compilation (North America).  However, Ubisoft amended that a few days later stating that Far Cry Classic will not be made part of The Far Cry Compilation coming to North America, but will still be part of the Far Cry: Wild Expedition in Europe. It is unknown why the game was cut from the North American compilation.

The original game was developed by Crytek and released in 2004 exclusively for PC.  It garnered critical acclaim at release, though Crytek moved on to develop Crysis for EA while Far Cry was handed to Ubisoft Montreal. Two sequels and a spin-off (Far Cry: Blood Dragon) have been released under Ubisoft Montreal. Far Cry Classic was never fully released on consoles — though ports that cut out many of the games features were released — until now.

You can look forward to playing Far Cry Classic on February 11 for PS3 and Xbox 360.