Is Toukiden the Long-Awaited Monster Hunter Killer?

Ever since Monster Hunter went over to Nintendo, gamers have been looking for something to replace it on the Vita. This has resulted in a lot of games being dubbed the “Monster Hunter killer,” but that has yet to happen. With Toukiden set to release next week, is it the Monster Hunter game you’ve been waiting for?

To put it simply, Toukiden is the closest thing to Monster Hunter on the PlayStation Vita. The only real difference between the two is that Toukiden has less monster variety, faster paced, less realistic and has something of a story. While this might turn some people off, it actually makes for an enjoyable experience.

This is largely due to the diverse set of oni. You see, unlike say God Eater 2, Toukiden gives every weapon a chance to shine and forces you to change your game plan. To give you an idea, Terragrinder moves fast and hides under ground, so you want to use quicker weapons. However, a skilled archer can easily stun him when he jumps in the air, so you might want to bring one with you.

In addition to favoring certain weapons, it’s also important to learn how each oni works. As with other Monster Hunter games, every oni has a number of breakable parts, which do various things under the right conditions. This is important to know, because breaking the right part can quickly turn the tides. For instance, one oni grows wings and gains the ability to fly when they hit 50% health. If you break his wings, then he instantly loses the ability to fly. The same is true for a number of other bosses, so it’s important to learn what every part does.

These are just some of the things that make Toukiden so interesting. Couple this with the mitama/skills, abilities, attributes and more; you have a surprisingly deep game. Even with 100 hours logged into the game, there are still new creatures to fight, places to see and mechanics to learn. Truly, this is a game most Monster Hunter fans will enjoy.