Live-Action Dead Rising Web Series Might Happen

Producer Tim Carter, who is well noted for his role in bringing forth Mortal Kombat: Legacy web series, is now currently at work in setting up the same platform for Capcom’s zombie-slashing, escape-the-mall-or-die thriller IP, Dead Rising.

Following the popularity of the franchise, Carter urges that while approval of the project has yet to arise, the nuts and bolts are definitely being put in place and ready to operate.

“We’ve finished creative development on Dead Rising, we optioned Dead Rising from Capcom, and we’re now just finalizing a deal with a very large studio in Los Angeles,” Carter said.

“It’ll be live action, it’ll be cinematic quality, unlike on Mortal Kombat, it will be a linear story, so the episodes will string together for a single narrative that follows a package of characters. You know it’ll be a 90 minute story that looks and feels like a movie when it’s done, so cross your fingers.”

This is honestly what we all need. Let’s also cross our fingers for some Mega Man Servbot cameo appearances to ensue while this cast of characters goes out one by one under the wrath of empty-brained, blood thirty undead. But not before the characters can grab a guitar, a nailed bat and a chainsaw. Just to make the fight even, of course.