Aksys Game’s Magus To Hit PSN Feb. 25

Aksys has been a long time publisher of interesting, unique games for a variety of systems. Fans of fighters probably recognize them as the name attached to the Guilty Gear series, while people who like great, criminally underappreciated games probably recognize them as the company that brought us the Zero Escape series. This month, the company will be taking its first step into the developer side of things when Magus is released for the PS3 on February 25. Magus is a game that Aksys has codeveloped with Black Tower Studios and will receive both a retail and digital release on PSN for $30. Details on the game are still rather sparse, but we do know it is an action RPG and that if the two month old teaser trailer shown below is any indication of the final product, maybe Aksys should’ve stuck to publishing.