Become the Owner of Flappy Bird for Just $90,000

When the shocking news broke that Flappy Bird would be removed from the app store in just two days, the collective gaming world broke out in tears. No longer would our beloved Super Mario-ish clone be available to monopolize moments in our life that would somehow be worse without Flappy Bird. Some enterprising folks, however, realized that the game would soon become a rarity and used the opportunity to snatch up all the available copies.

We’re now seeing the first instance of this, with Flappy Bird being listed on eBay by ways of an iPhone 5S. The price? $90,100.00.

Screen Shot 2014-02-09 at 11.51.10 PM

That’s right, for just shy of a hundred grand, you too can become the owner of this beloved game which is now impossible to get anywhere else. As a word of warning, however; $90k is the price of the game as of writing and this is an auction with seven days left. There’s no telling how high it could go.