Introducing: Titanfall IMC Faction

Titanfall is possibly the most anticipated game of the next/now generation consoles. There are guns, explosions and Titans you can control in 6vs6 player combat. It’s hard not to be excited. Recently, a new faction was introduced, adding yet another layer of depth to the game. That faction is IMC, a profit by force corporation with a robot sidekick.

Faction History:

There was a time when the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation — or IMC — was a small, natural resource extraction company known as Hammond Engineering. It wasn’t too long before the industry expanded, thanks in part to the increasing demand for Titan materials. A century’s worth of acquisitions later, and Hammond Engineering was an empire; a massive, commercial juggernaut known as IMC — a company dedicated to the pursuit of profit.

Characters revealed:



In the IMC command structure, Vice Admiral Graves is formally known as the CINCFRONT, or Commander-in-Chief, Frontier Command.


Blisk is a South African mercenary working under a new long-term contract with the IMC on the Frontier, providing Combat Intel and Counterinsurgency services.


Spyglass is a physical manifestation of the IMC’s vast computational network identity, handling logistics, navigation, deployment, and communications between all IMC forces on the Frontier.

Titanfall releases March 11, 2014 for the Xbox One and PC, and March 25 for the Xbox 360.