Dying Light – Humanity Trailer Released

Nowadays, Zombie games are a dime a dozen. They’ve essentially become the 90’s platformer genre, infesting every console — and smartphone — with various iterations of shoot em’ups, survival horrors, and even a ridiculous dress-up game. Dying Light isn’t looking to fit comfortably among the Walking Dead’s and DayZ’s, however. Combining the powers of action-packed daylight, dangerously dark nights, free-roam parkour and questioning your very humanity, WB Games is setting to own the zombie genre — one dead infested street at a time.

In the newest trailer, aptly titled “Humanity,” WB showcases the dangers of the newly overrun city, and the lines you’ll have to cross in order to survive. Dying Light launches March 31, 2014, on the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.