Goat Simulator Rams Its Way Onto Steam

Just a week ago we made a list of faux achievements for Coffee Statin’s Goat Simulator and stated “The gaming industry wants — no, NEEDS — this game.” Well, good news! Today, Coffee Stain Studios announced that Goat Simulator will be finished and released on Steam this Spring.

For those who’ve missed this AAA title, Goat Simulator became a hit overnight after Coffee Stain posted Alpha Footage of the game, where they originally stated they were just “playing around a bit with programming stuff, this is not our next big IP.” Lies. Goat Simulator will allow gamers to “wreck stuff” as a goat for points.

Gamers interested in playing as a goat, which should be all of you, can pre-order the game here. The pre-order will give you access to the game three days early and will run you $9.99. Not convinced, check out the newest trailer here.