Google Play Sale Discounts Rayman and Sega Classics

The Google Play store is no stranger to deals, but major gaming franchises being on sale is a bit of a rarity. Rayman Fiesta Run can be yours for a mere $1.50 – down from $3, for a limited time. Crazy Taxi, lacking store licenses but with the original soundtrack from the Offspring and Bad Religion, is available for only $1 – down from $5. It’s playable on the OUYA with some tinkering, and seems like the most definitive remake of the game we’re going to see on modern hardware. If you feel like shooting some zombies, then House of the Dead: Overkill‘s dollar price tag is quite appealing. However, it you don’t want to end lives, then Virtua Tennis Challenge, also at $1, may be more up your alley. This game plays perfectly on the OUYA without any tinkering, and supports the OUYA pad immediately.