Lufia Gets an Unauthorized, Hilariously Awful Kickstarter

We miss Lufia. What was once a wonderful and promising RPG series has all but slipped into the obscurity of video games, not seeing an entry in nearly four years — which was a ill-promoted remake of Lufia II on the DS. It’s high time for a Lufia III, but Square Enix and Natsume seem totally uninterested. So what is a fan of great ’90s RPGs to do? Make it themselves, of course.

That’s exactly what Michael McDonald has done (no, not that Michael McDonald) by ways of Kickstarter. McDonald is looking to make a sequel — or “sequal,” if you will — to Lufia and needs your help. The only problem is that this Kickstarter isn’t authorized by either parent company. And he didn’t secure to the game. And he seemingly has no experience in game development. And he doesn’t know how to spell commonly used words. Alright, we could keep going, but the point is that this is perhaps the most ill-advised Kickstater ever created.

Just look at the official description:

“This is a sequal to the lufia series that was on SNES awesome rpg with puzzles,monsters,awesome boss fights and a touching story”

Totes awesome, Michael! Totes awesome. The Kickstarter can’t be more than 500 words — almost all of which are part of some sort of grammatical error — and seems poorly put together, even by horrible Kickstarter standards.

Well, we suppose it’s not all bad. The rewards are pretty cool. $100 gets you a demo, $300 gets a sword named after you and $500 gets you the ability to select which monster goes in the game. But wait, there’s more! If the stretch goal of $100,000 is met, he’ll maybe start looking into a MMORPG.

Head over here to become a backer and turn ideas into reality.

UPDATE: The Kickstarter has now been canceled. Further proof that it’s a bad idea to raise money for something you don’t own.