Dreamcast Refuses to Die, NEO XYX to Release Soon

Dreamcast fans know one thing for sure: ol’ faithful refuses to die. Even today, games are being released for the 16 year old console. And while there’s always a good reason to dust that awkward gamepad and play, NG:DEV.TEAM wants to give you another. NEO XYX is a new Toaplan style 2D arcade shooting game. Been there, done that. I know what you’re thinking; who cares? You should, that’s who. Here’s why:

The game runs in 60 fps — that’s more than can be said for most newer titles. It features 6 arcade style designed stages, over 40 fully animated pixel art enemies, a dynamic difficulty rank system which kicks in for experienced players, addictive medal collecting, and beautiful Japanese 90’s arcade style art.

Don’t believe me? Watch the trailer.

NEO XYX will be released for the Sega Dreamcast on February 17.