Latest Xbox One Update Delayed

Last week Microsoft announced that the Xbox One would be getting two updates. The second one isn’t set to arrive until March, but the first one was supposed to launch yesterday. February 11 has come and gone and still no update. What happened?

Larry “Major Nelson” Hyrb revealed on Twitter that the update has been pushed back until sometime later this week. “FYI: The February #XboxOne¬†System Update will ship this week, but not today. The team is working on finalizing. More details when I get them.”

The update that was supposed to release yesterday featured a number of improvements requested by fans, including battery power indicators for the controllers. It would also streamline and make managing the console’s storage space much easier. Hyrb did not provide an exact reason for the delay, but it is likely the team just needed extra time to polish the code.

We’ll let you know when Microsoft announces a release date for the February update.