Massive Clearance Sale on the Microsoft Store Site

Well, this is quite the surprise. While the MS Store was a haven for savings during 2012’s Black Friday sale, its 2013 sale was nothing special. They’ve made up for it with a new clearance sale with massive savings on a bunch of things. Skyrim on the 360 can be yours for $5, while Afterglow 360 are only $9, Resident Evil 6 is $6, Saints Row IV on the PC is $15, FEAR 3 on the PC is $3, Call of Duty: Ghosts on PC is a mere $30, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is $7, and DmC on the 360 is $6. Fighting fans can pick up Street Fighter X Tekken’s SE is $5, Ridge Racer Unbounded on the 360 is $7, Remember Me is $9 on the 360, Dishonored is a mere $5, while MGR: Revengeance is $7.50 on 360 and the massive Indjustice: Gods Among Us LE is $30. While a lot of items may be out of stock, there’s a chance they’ll come back in stock later – so keep them in your cart.