Steam Tags Beta Will Increase Store Filtering Options for Users

The Steam Store is by far the most popular distributor of digital games because it has a massive selection at great prices. However, with a collection spanning thousands of games, it can be hard to simply browse for titles that you’re particularly interested in. Valve has brought tags to Steam and hopes that this will make it easier for users to find new games relevant to their interests.

Tags will be created by users however they see fit. For example, Team Fortress 2  has been granted popular tags such as “free to play” and “hats”. While most of the tags will be fairly expected, it already appears some gamers are using the feature in sillier ways such as the tag “Not Half-Life 3”. Even though users can tag how they see fit, any tags with swear words will not show up in a game’s popular tags.

Tags written in other languages will also be associated with their respective version of the Steam Store, making sure that English-speaking users aren’t bombarded by Spanish tags and vice versa. Those who do not create any tags of their own still receive benefit from the feature as it further expands filtering options. A complete explanation of Steam’s new tag system is available for those who want to know more.