‘The Blackwell Epiphany’ Slated for April Launch

The Blackwell series of point and click adventure games has been around since The Blackwell Legacy launched in 2006. With that, developer Wadjet Eye Games begun a long-running saga that has spanned four games so far.

The series is finally coming to an end with The Blackwell Epiphany. Today it was revealed that The Blackwell Epiphany will be out in April. Hopefully this eight year trek for fans will all be worth it! The uninitiated might also be curious about Blackwell. The story follows a woman named Rosa Blackwell who is contacted one day by a ghost named Joey, who reveals that she is a spirit medium. The duo must solve puzzles and attempt to use Rosa’s powers for the greater good.

A trailer for The Blackwell Epiphany was launched alongside the release date reveal: