Wedbush Morgan: PS4 To Sell 12 Million, Xbox One 9 Million and Wii U 3 Million Units In 2014

Wedbush Morgan has issued a report written by Michael Pachter, Nick McKay and Nick Citrin concerning the video game industry in 2014. The company has lofty expectations concerning Sony and Microsoft, and not so large expectations for Nintendo.

The analyst company expects the gap between the PS4 and Xbox One to widen. The gap currently sits at 1.2 million, but Wedbush expects it to increase to 3 million by the time the year ends. This is mostly attributed to PS4’s impending launch in Japan and the fact that the console is vastly outselling the Xbox One in Europe. PS4 is estimated to sell 12 million units in 2014.

Xbox One’s problem, as noted by Wedbush, is the fact that the console is priced too high compared to PS4. The company does note that the Xbox One has found success, but the price remains a problem.  Xbox One is estimated to sell 9 million units in 2014.

Nintendo’s Wii U will continue to struggle, however. Thanks to Nintendo’s unwillingness to tap into online multiplayer the console will struggle with gamers going elsewhere for their multiplayer needs. Wii U is estimated to sell only 3 million units in 2014.

The report also predicts that software sales in 2014 will hit $12 billion with things looking better each year.  Wedbush Morgan is predicting this to be a huge console generation.

What do you think of those numbers?  Will the sales gap between the PS4 and Xbox One widen?  Will Wii U perform poorly?  Let us know what you think in the comments below.