Darksiders and Red Faction Collections Being Released

After THQ declared bankruptcy, fans held onto hope that some of the company’s more popular games would get a second lease on life elsewhere. Thankfully, Nordic Games eventually acquired the rights to, among others, two of THQ’s biggest titles in Darksiders and Red Faction.

Last month saw a nice Xbox Live sale for some of those titles. This month, news is surfacing that both of those series will be receiving compilation releases. Nordic is aiming for a general Q2 timeframe for release.

The Darksiders Complete Collection will feature both games, with access to the Abyssal Forge and Belial’s Pass expansions available in the console versions. The Red Faction Collection compiles the original game, Guerrilla, Armageddon, and Armageddon’s Path of War DLC. The PC version also tosses in Red Faction 2.

Perhaps these collections are a way for the company to test the market and help it decide how to best move forward. While no news has surfaced regarding the futures of these fan-favorite series, it’s nice to see Nordic Games not letting them waste away.