Former Valve Business Director Leaves Microsoft

Jason Holtman, a former advocate and business director for Valve has decided to step down from his PC department duties with Microsoft. The man who would have been instrumental in helping the company add some flare to Microsoft’s PC gaming market chose a rather odd time to leave: six months after being hired.

When he was first signed under contract, his primary job consisted of making Windows the powerhouse of gaming. Essentially, he was one of the many answers to PC gamers who craved new and exciting content to play. That’s was their guy. That was Microsoft’s guy.

Unfortunately, Holtman no longer wanted to be that guy. His reasons are unknown at this point in time, and his now previous company doesn’t have much to say about it either.

“We can confirm that Jason has left Microsoft and we’re grateful for his time at the company,” a Microsoft representative said. “”We wish him the best in his future endeavors.”

His old home at Valve may very well have influenced his leave. He misses it. This conclusion seems to be the most logical considering that Holtman had worked at Valve for eight years, handling the licensing of Steam titles and making sure that developers connect with publishers when it comes to releasing games. He even stood by the ideology of making games until they were ready and not when they’re near deadline.

“We try as hard as we can to make the best thing possible in the right time frame and get people content they want to consume. And if that takes longer, that’s fine,” Holtman said in an interview with Eurogamer.

Let’s hope that Holtman leaving Microsoft was for a good cause and not because he had issues with the company. Oh, and that ‘good cause’ represents a new Half-Life installment.