Watch Over Half an Hour of Exclusive Titanfall Gameplay Footage

We’re having a blast with Titanfall. From the moment it debuted at E3 last year, we knew it would be something special and our hands-on time with the beta over the past couple weeks have cemented that notion. If you haven’t had a chance to see us streaming the game live, we’ve put together five videos that show off the different modes of the beta.

Check them out below and be sure to read our preview here.

Titan Training

There are two tutorial setups here – the on-foot one and the Titan training. Since the titan training is leaps and bounds more exciting, despite the on-foot training actually including leaping, we’re going to show that off here.


Here, you and your team battle another team to conquer three pieces of land. XP aplenty is gained for doing so, and it allows you to lure people into the top-most section and kill them – or dive bomb in from above and snap some necks!

Last Titan Standing

This is a short, but sweet mode that is a bit like Ghouls ‘N Ghosts. if you think of the titan like Arthur’s armor, it’s just about perfect – once that armor’s gone, you go into panic mode and just hope to evade death for as long as possible.

Attrition Match 1

The Attrition mode is your basic team deathmatch battle, only instead of being limited to classes, it’s got all of them – AI bots, players as pilots, and as titans too. This battle isn’t particularly amazing, but does have some fun stuff in it.

Attrition Match 2

This battle is far more entertaining and if you’re going to check out only one of our Attrition mode videos, this is the one to view. It’s got a lot of action and some cool kills.