Why the World Won’t End With Titanfall’s Beta Servers Going Down

While preparing for a rousing night of Titanfall action where I was planning to indulge in friendly-titan riding and shooting, as well as allowing my AI titan to guard an area while I stayed inside to farm XP in the Hardpoint mode, I was struck with a most horrifying message upon logging into the beta – THE SERVERS ARE DOWN! While rage (and the Michael Scott NOOO GIF) entered my mind, I gave it some time to marinate in my head and figured that there had to be a bright side to this. There indeed is one, folks. While it’s a terrible thing for the public launch date of the beta to endure, it does give people a chance to iron out the kinks in their game from the past 24 hours thanks to helpful tutorials and just plain old listening to friends talking about the game.


In a sense, it turned a negative into a positive because while the time with the beta will be shortened (unless they decided to extend the life of it), it did allow me to actually focus on improving. All day yesterday, I focused on just playing the game and improving bits and pieces of my game as time went on. Thanks to the servers being down, I’ll be able to get into the right mindset to optimize my time spent with the beta and outright ruin fools. Sure, it’s fun to have a nice killstreak going with the smart pistol – but it’s even more rewarding to have one with melee attacks or better yet, the stealth neck snap. The animation for that is truly glorious as well, and it feels so good to take someone out with it.


Grey skies are gonna clear up, and for this particular issue, the benefit is that it gives everyone a chance to sit back, relax, enjoy Valentine’s Day, and then focus on getting better in the game when the servers are back up. After the disastrous Battlefield 4 issues, we hoped it wouldn’t affect this game (as mentioned in an earlier writeup on the game), but server problems seem to be a fairly common thing now and it’s not to the benefit of gaming as a whole. However, as long as this game’s issues are kept tied to the free beta, and aren’t crippling the full $60 (or $250 in the case of the CE) experience, the problems can be forgiven. This isn’t like Batman: Arkham Origins where they’ll just stop trying to improve the core experience – Respawn will certainly do their best to make things better for players because they have a lot riding on it. We’ll let you all know when the servers are back online – when they are, we can get back to putting up our gameplay videos on Youtube and doing some livestreaming on Twitch. We’ll probably be talking a lot about the Titanfall beta, its pros and cons, in our podcast this week as well.