Crisis Averted! Titanfall Beta Servers Back Online

After a number of hours, the Titanfall beta resumed as normal. There was no message about what happened, but the big news is that you can now play the game on both PC and the Xbox One again. We just had a rousing Attrition battle online that you’ll see on our Youtube channel on February 15 with a ton of action. It started off with some basic stuff, then it was time to go TITAN-HOPPING and record some footage starting there. This little feature is something that went unnoticed on day one, at least by many, but is a lot of fun and a big challenge for the piggy-backer. You can’t control the friendly titan’s movement, so you just have to focus on shooting. It’s a bit like a turret mission in a GTA game where your vehicle is auto-driven, only much crazier. It’s a ton of fun, and checking out more of the beta should reveal even more neat stuff – like stealing an enemy’s titan. We were also able to set the AI titan up to kill, and the timing couldn’t have been funnier since it was called and then we were IMMEDIATELY killed the second it hits the ground. It could not have been any funnier.