Groupees Steampunk Bundle 2 Released

If you’re a fan of the steampunk visual style, then Groupees has the bundle for you. Their second collection of steampunk-themed games, music, and ebooks gives you a ton of content for possibly very little money. As little as $1 can get you Bionic Dues, Airship Dragoon, Syberia I and II, as well as Steel and Steam, and Telepath RPG for the gaming side. Musically, you can get the Johnny Hollow Collection, Skip Shirey’s Sonic New York, Spiky’s Carnival Symposium, and the Caged Bird EP by This Way to the Egress.  Reading-wise, you’ll get Tales of Jack the Ripper, 19XX Book One, Cities of Ether, Steampunk, Wildside Press Megapack 1, Blood of the Innocent 1-4, and Discovering Aberration.