TxK Soundtrack Available and Ridiculously Cheap

One of the common themes in the reviews of TxK is how perfect the soundtrack is for the game, bringing an extra layer of life to the light show and driving the action along.  The only problem was that the tunes were locked in the game, and the only way to hear more was to play farther.  That requirement has been lifted with the release of TxK: The Original Soundtrack on Bandcamp, allowing you to provide your own mental pyrotechnics when separated from your Vita.

The release of the soundtrack is accompanied by a blog post from Jeff Minter explaining how it came about.  The short version is that he asked the members of his home forum really nicely if they’d contribute.  A couple years of development on iOS had cost more than it made, so payment simply wasn’t a possibility, but the chance to be part of something to rival the Tempest 2000 soundtrack made that an irrelevancy.  A bit under a year later and 18 tracks made the final cut, and now it’s time to see about getting the talented people behind the soundtrack a little spending money for their trouble.  At £3 (about $4.50-ish US) it’s pretty hard to resist, but if you’re feeling a bit strapped for cash you can always just pop open a spare browser tab and let the techno stream away in the background.