Titanfall Beta Is Open To All On Xbox One, Those Who Registered On PC

Did you really want to play the Titanfall beta but never got a code? Don’t worry, Respawn Entertainment wants everyone to try out the game and are opening the floodgates to everyone who registered for the beta on Xbox One and PC.

The beta was opened to all on Xbox One over the weekend. Players can simply go to the New Games area of the Xbox Live Marketplace to find it and begin downloading. Unlike the PC version, you do not have to have registered for the beta to test it out. This is truly and open beta.

For PC players, Respawn Entertainment is also opening the floodgates, but only to those who registered before 4pm yesterday (February 17). “Hey PC players: Did you register before 4pm PST yesterday? Check your My Games Library in Origin, getting more people in to test servers,” the tweet reads.” If it isn’t in your My Games Library yet check back in a few hours. ┬áThe developer is very busy getting it to the right people.

Titanfall is out March 11 on Xbox One, PC and Xbox 360. Giving the beta a run is the perfect way to find out if this is the game for you.