PS4 Firmware Update 1.61 Available Now

Fresh off the news that the PS4 has sold 5.3 million units worldwide, Sony has released a new firmware update to improve the console.  You’ll be prompted to download the update the moment you start up your PS4 and will be unable to sign into the PSN until it is installed.

Firmware 1.61 does four main things.  DVD playback picture quality has been vastly improved from where it was at previously.  Support for various wireless stereo headsets has been added.  You can now mute the PlayStation Camera microphone, a feature that was sorely missing from the start.  Finally, general system stability has been improved.

The download is only about 350mb so it isn’t that big of a download.  Make sure you turn on your PS4s and get to downloading so you can get back to playing.

PS4 is out now in over 40 countries and will launch in Japan on February 22.