Want to See YouKai Watch Localized? Let Level-5 Know

If the surprising North American launch of Inazuma Eleven has taught us anything, it’s that in this day and age you can never say never when it comes to even the most unlikely of localizations. Level-5 and Nintendo certainly blind sided everyone when they dropped Inazuma Eleven on us after the first Nintendo Direct of 2104, but it looks like they’re planning some more surprises for Western gamers.

YouKai Watch is a nifty little simulation/RPG for the 3DS involving ghosts — and a successful anime spin-off series to boot. It’s doing mighty fine in Japan and it looks like Level-5 are considering sharing the love with gamers all over the world. In a tweet made recently, Level-5 asks its fans if they would like to see YouKai Watch released in Europe and North America for the 3DS.

Interested? Then tweet away your expression of interest.

 Between the game and the anime, Yo-kai Watch is a success in Japan! Would you like to see Yo-kai Watch in the US/EU? http://t.co/sFgMsAMLXf

— LEVEL5_IA (@LEVEL5_IA) February 18, 2014