Indie Gala Capsule Computers Bundle Released

Well, this is quite the week for bundles. We’ve got a new one from Humble Bundle, Indie Royale, and now Indie Gala! For a mere $1, you can get Dracula 4: Shadow of the Dragon, Always Remember Me, Raiden Legacy – The Return, and Hero of the Kingdom. Paying $3 more now, instead of $5 more later, gets you Dysfunctional Systems, Nightmares From the Deep, Hero Siege (which looks like a must for overhead Zelda fans), and Dead Sky as well as three other bonus things that will unlock on Steam and be announced at a later date. For the $1 tier, only HotK is on Steam, while Raiden and ARM are on Desura, and Dracula 4 is on GOG. At $4, this is really a no-brainer for Raiden and Hero Siege alone – so check this bundle out if those interest you at all.