Muramasa Rebirth DLC ‘A Cause to Daikon For’ Coming Next Week

We were quite fond of Muramasa Rebirth, which makes the upcoming “A Cause to Daikon For” Genroku Legends DLC all the more exciting. When villages are starving and taxes are weighing on the citizens, Gonbe joins forces with a farmer’s rebellion against the evil Governer Hatono. Accompanying him on his noble journey is his ghostly wife, as well as some new features, challenges and characters.

  • New Features: Farming tools turn to weapons, friends at your beck and call, and a haunting wifey to help in a bind, Gonbe is equipped with the strangest set of tools to succeed.
  • New Characters: An assortment of new bosses and enemies will be encountered, and players will have to employ cunning in order to conquer the evil forces.
  • New Challenges: Enter Momohime and Kisuke’s world to challenge dangerous foes like the Dragon God.

Muramasa Rebirth “Genroku Legends – A Cause to Daikon For” is available on PlayStation Network for the PlayStation Vita next week.