Towerfall Ascension Hits PS4 on March 11

Late last year, we reported that Towerfall Ascension would be making its way to PS4. Today, developer Matt Thorson announced that Towerfall: Ascension, the successor to the Ouya’s Towerfall, is set to release on the PS4 on March 11 in North America. Europe’s release date “shouldn’t be far behind.”

Towerfall Ascension will be much like it’s Ouya predecessor, but will add some new features to the wacky multiplayer archery game. Ascension will add 50 new arenas, which will bring the total to 120, and add several new powerups. Quest Mode, a 1 to 2 player mode that is “an arena mode where monsters spawn from portals as you defend yourself using the same skills you’ve honed in Versus mode”, will also be making its debut in Ascension.
Towerfall Ascension is scheduled to hit PC later this year as well, but the release date has yet to be officially announced.