2K Games Has No Update on BioShock Vita

2K Games is bringing Borderlands 2, one of its most successful games ever, to the PS Vita. This will be the first 2K Games title to launch on Sony’s handheld, but it wasn’t the first to be announced. That honor belongs to BioShock Vita.

Back at E3 2011 Ken Levine stood on the Sony stage to announce his support for PS Move and the upcoming PS Vita. He promised that a BioShock title would be coming to the handheld and would be an original title, not a port of an older game. Years have passed and still no mention of the game. Yesterday, Ken Levine revealed that Irrational Games would be shutting down putting the future of BioShock Vita into jeopardy.

CVG reached out to 2K Games to see if they had an update. Their answer was, ‘no update.’

The last we heard about the game was that Sony and parent company Take-Two Interactive were still trying to ink a deal. Due to the two companies strong working relationship in the past, a BioShock Vita title could still happen. Take-Two Interactive could hand it to one of their studios, or license the property to Sony for one of their studios to make.

However, right now, don’t hold your breath for BioShock Vita.