Even the Vectrex Has a Flappy Bird Clone Now

Flappy Bird is now officially inescapable. Removing it from the app store had the opposite effect of killing it, inspiring countless clones (one of which even starred Lebron James as the titular “Floppy Bron“). Now, against all odds, the Vectrex has a Flappy Bird clone.

Yes, you read that correctly, the 1982 vector display console made by GCE/Milton Bradley has Flappy Bird. Dubbed “Veccy Bird,” the game was programed by homebrew developer Michael Simonds. This is actually quite the impressive accomplishment, as not only is it not exactly easy to program for a thirty-two year old console, but it’s one of the few sidescrollers we’ve ever seen run on it.

Even more amazing, it looks and functions pretty dang similar to the iOS original.

You can download the game for free right here and play it on an emulator or throw it on a flash cart and play it on the real deal.

Check out a video below and make sure to snag a Vectrex before there’s a run on them to experience Veccy Bird: