Microsoft Announces Xbox One Media Remote

Not a fan of waving your hands around with Kinect when trying to consume entertainment?  Are there too many buttons on that Xbox One controller?  Well then Microsoft has the answer for you.  Introducing the Xbox One Media Remote, a great way to to control your TV and entertainment without having to deal with buttons or waving your hands around wildly.

The Xbox One Media Remote is designed to help you listen, watch and switch between your entertainment fast and easy.  It has been designed with dedicated Back and OneGuide buttons to make switching between your content faster than other remotes.  It can even control the power and volume of your TV/receiver thanks to the Kinect.

The remote has been built with a soft, silicone finish that is very comfortable in the hand.  All of the buttons are backlit so you won’t have to squint to see what buttons your pressing in the dark.

The Xbox One Media Remote will launch in all countries that the Xbox One has released in sometime this March.  It will retail for $24.99.