Resident Evil Creator Almost Made a Game About a Cockroach

When Shinji Mikami started up Tango Gameworks, the first concept the studio started developing around was that of a cockroach that could stand on its hind legs and shoot guns. What began as a joke turned into the studio tinkering around with the idea for six whole months before moving on to projects that are more Mikami’s signature style and that fit the modern gaming mold a little better.

Other as-yet-unfinished projects from the studio include Noah, which was a survival adventure following a colony that lost contact with the rest of civilization, Jericho-style, and Zwei, which featured a pair – a man and woman tethered together via a chain – who hunt vampires. That would have made for some compelling gameplay as a single player would have been able to control both. Development of Noah hit a wall when the studio ran into financial trouble.

However, when Bethesda acquired the small studio in 2010, Zwei went on to become the anticipated survival horror, The Evil Within, which releases this August.