Survival Horror Title Daylight Hits PS4, PC This April

PS4 and PC players sure are lucky.  Both platforms have already had the pants scared off of them with Outlast, and now they’re getting another game that will test their survival skills.  Daylight hits both platforms on April 8.

Daylight comes from Zombie Studios and is the first survival horror game to make use of Unreal Engine 4.  It was announced in 2013 right before E3 started and is promising to be a truly horrific game.  All of the levels will be procedurally generated ensuring that players will always be scared.

For an extra layer of scary, Zombie Studios has announced that the PC version will launch with Oculus Rift support.  So if you feel like being totally immersed and scared out of your pants, the option is there fore you.

Twitch will be integrated heavily into the game.  On both the PS4 and PC, players can use Twitch to scare their friends and viewers.  You’ll be able to cue in-game events that will make viewers scream.  For example, type meow and the game makes a cat noise.  It’s an interesting idea and it will be exciting to see how it plays out.

Daylight is out April 8 for PS4 and PC and will cost $14.99.