Garry’s Mod Has Earned Over $30 Million In Sales, And No, Garry Newman Will Not Lend You A Tenner

Garry Newman is the founder of Facepunch Studios, the greatest named video game studio in all of existence until I get my fledgling company “Kickgroin Incorporated” off the ground. The company currently has two games to their name: the 2006 sandbox physics playground Garry’s Mod and the as of yet unreleased (but currently available in alpha) survivor horror title Rust. Newman himself revealed yesterday that both titles were doing quite well on his Twitter page, tweeting, “Garry’s Mod has just broke $30,000,000!” which is honestly like six exclamations less than needed when reporting that kind of cash.

Perhaps he was less excited by this sum as a result of his other game, because apparently the upcoming Rust title has already earned him more despite the fact it isn’t even officially out yet. His followup tweet was, “And if my calculations are correct – we have now officially made more money from Rust than Garry’s Mod. 0.34% more!”

He did clarify later on that part of the reason for Rust’s success is that his company gets less royalties for Garry’s Mod than Rust (50% compared to 70%). Regardless of the cut Steam is taking, Newman is still making some serious cash on both his titles which shouldn’t come as much of a surprise considering how popular GMod is on Steam. And no, random Twitter user, Newman won’t lend you a tenner. Sorry, but as he put it, he keeps all his money in another castle.