Steam Weeklong Deals Begin

This week’s deals feature some solid values. PlayClaw 5 is a video capture tool that now costs $24 instead of $40. Hell Yeah! is only $3.75 instead of $15, while Blocks That Matter is only $2. Hearts of Iron III is $2.50, while MotoGP 13 is $12. Warlock is $5, while the Desperadoes Collection is only $3.24 and Deadly 30 is $1.69. PAM is $2.50, while Post Mortem: One Must Die is $3.50. Storm is $5, Bridge Constructor is $3.39,¬† Runespell is $2, and Jack Lumber is $2.25. The super-bright Dungeon Hearts is $1.50, RIP Trilogy is 50 cents , and Articy: Draft SE is $100. Tetrobot and Co. is $5, while the Commandos Collection is $2.¬†Kung Fu Strike is $20, The 39 Steps is $3.75, Foul Play is one cent cheaper than that, Storm is $5, Stick it to the Man is $7.50, and Wizorb is $1.50.